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"Ultimate Backflow Test Kit"
Mid-West Backflow Test Gauges are in the list of Acceptable Gauges from Both FCCC & HR-USC and CA-NV AWWA


  • Over 30 Years of Input from Backflow Technicians.
  • Specially Designed for Testing Backflow Prevention Assemblies.
  • Test kits are protected with 90 micron filters to minimize plugging with scale, sand, etc. Filter elements can be cleaned or replaced
  • Test procedures are laminated in clear plastic.
  • Durable carrying case included.
845-2®, 845-3®, 845-5® and 845-5NP® are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

$908.00 - Quantity

$765.00 - Quantity

Model 845-5-NP


Identical to our most popular Model 845-5
Dial except Dial, Hoses and Carrying Case
are easily identified for NON-POTABLE Service
$803.00 - Quantity

Model 830 Features
  • Industry Standard for 3 decades
  • Durable Molded Carrying Case with Removable Lid
  • High quality Hinges & Buckles
$1,010.00 - Quantity

$765.00 - Quantity

$765.00 - Quantity